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Red Sandalwood Tibetan Damaru For Sale- By H S R ENTERPRISES, Jaipur, India. A large size sandalwood damaru that is designed for practitioners who are serious about using the most authentic ritual instruments. Our Bhutanese quality damarus are in essence the same as a Tibetan or Nepalese damaru, however, the quality of craftsmanship far exceeds what is currently in production in Nepal or elsewhere. Being crafted from sandalwood they are heavier than acacia wood and this gives them a really nice weight when held. This is the first time we have been able to source cloud skins with sandalwood and we only have a handful of drums available at this time. What makes these damarus so different? The playability and tonality is superior! Created using accurate and traditional centuries old methods. Crafted from dark red sandalwood and not the cheaper woods that are seen on other drums coming out of Nepal and India. Only natural unpainted Bhutanese skins are used. The skins are buried in the ground with copper and other precious substances. This process can take many weeks to complete. As a result of this, the skins turn a beautiful cloudy green. This process greatly increases the longevity of the skins and also empowers them for years of ritual use. It also gives each drum its own unique character. You can have confidence that no toxic green paint is used on our drums. Each damaru is larger than other drums in the marketplace and this makes them especially suitable for practitioners with large hands. The skins will maintain their tightness, unlike many other damaru skins in the marketplace. On the inside of the drum accurate mantras are applied, this empowers the drum to be used in ritual practice. Each drum has a brocade handle. Includes a layered brocade chöpen or damaru tail with additional Tibetan style beads at the apex. Includes a brocade carrying case which helps protect the drum when not in use.
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